Procedures for Hospitality Professionals

Step 1: Application & Registration

In order to be of excellent service to you, extensive and up to date details of your background, education and requirements are very important. You can apply & register in several ways:

Step 2: Assessment by our consultants

After we have received your registration, your information is saved in our databases. One of our consultants will assess your profile details. We pay attention to your education, your professional experience, your personal characteristics, your current employment situation, your motivation and ambitions. After this evalution 3 other options remain:

  • Your profile matches perfectly with one or more of our current positions, ór we expect this to happen on short notice. In this case you will be invited immediately to forward more detailed information or you will be invited for a personal interview or phone interview.
  • Your profile matches our target groups but we do not have a suitable postion for you at the moment. Maybe more information is requested or a phone interview will be held. We will save your details and contact you when one of our clients has a suitable job vacancy that matches your profile. Ofcourse we invite you to visit our websites regularly to check if any suitable job vacancy is available for you.
  • Your profile does not match our target groups and we will not have any suitable position for you. Often this means that our clients for who we select and recruit do not have or will have any positions, which will match your requirements, background and or experience. In this case, we can provide talent analysis, talent development and talent coaching.

Step 3: Extra information & Interview, including CADT measurement

Although you may be invited immediately for a personal interview, initially we will request more information should we see career opportunities for you at our clients.

The CADT talent measurement is included in the first interview. The consultant with who you will have an interview, will remain your personal advisor through the whole process, your personal career manager. With your CV and the extra information provided by you as guideline, we will discuss extensively your background, personal characteristics, current situation and expectations. We will also discuss the position(s) that match(es) your profile thoroughly. Upon request, we can arrrange sessions for personal coaching, talent coaching.

Step 4: Presentation of your Curriculum Vitae

Immediately after the interview, the consultant will write an extensive profile, in which your strenghts and usp’s will be highlighted. Your references will be checked and when this all matches the clients’ requirements, your CV will be presented to our client as discussed, if requested this can be done anonymous and without contact details. We will only present your CV to our client when you approve this and you state you are interested in the position as next career step.

Step 5: Job interviews

In case of a positive reaction from our client, you will be invited for an initial job interview with our client. Management of the recruitment process, including arrangements of job interviews is our service. During the recruitment process we will have extensive contact with you and our client.  Please keep us posted on a regular basis during the procedure. We will prepare you for job interviews as much as possible and in the end both you and the employer will decide weither the interviews lead to an official agreement. By the way, it is possible that our client uses assessments as well.

Step 6: New Job, Contact & Talent Development

From the moment you have been employed by our client, our active recruitment services end and if requested, talent development and personal coaching starts. To complete our recruitment files, we kindly ask you to send us the signed employment contract. After commencement of employment we will maintain contact and we kindly ask you to inform us about possibly displeasure, so we can assist both you and the employer. If desired, we can start talent development and personal coaching, based on the CADT-0-measurement.

Step 7: Career Management

CourtesyMasters not only exceeds by expertise, unique tools and coureous services, we aim at extensive long-term relationships. We would like to offer you our Personal Career Manager services. Not only for your next career step, your next job, but also for continuous talent development and personal coaching.

More information

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