Claire Boonstra at TEDx Amsterdam Education

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Claire Boonstra at TEDx Amsterdam Education 2012

“Would you still be able to pass your high school exams? Would you still know enough to pass your first year at University?”

Claire Boonstra claims that what we learn at school and university has almost no connection or relevance to what we need to be equipped with in the real world; namely, the ability to take care of our own well being and our readiness to contribute to society.

In her talk she will reveal her personal revelations that are shaping a new commitment to education.

On September 27, 2012 the first TEDxconference on Education in the Netherlands will take place in Amsterdam. Future and current leaders will come together to create an informative, inspiring, and interactive day focused on the ways young people are educated now and where the future of education lies. All the essential stakeholders in the education field that provide bright futures for our children will be represented: teachers, administrators, parents, governments, education-related companies, and students themselves.

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