Soccer agent – importance of career management

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Soccer agent - the important of hospitality career management

When you are building your career, sometimes you don’t know what you want in your working life or even in an employer. Hiring the best hospitality employees for over 20 years, I experienced how important it is to keep employees challenged along the way. When you are doing a fantastic job, and you feel ready for the next step, your employer should do the outmost to provide this challenge.    

Career management – the value of an agent  

Searching for top-level executives and managers is quite like the job of a soccer or basketball agent. Sports agents are expected to have knowledge about several aspects as finance, management and the specific sport. These agents have to be strongly motivated, capable of multitasking and be able to negotiate on behalf of several clients.   

Before the existence of agents, usually the network of the professional would support. This resulted in less competitive contracts for the club and lower wages for professionals. Soccer agents help players to manage their career and objectives in great detail — more than the players could do for themselves.   

Lacking the importance of growth   

Step back to hospitality. How easy it may sound to provide challenge, this is often forgotten. It will not be a coincidence that an employee leaves to upgrade their career. If we have been able to place someone for a job several times, this indicates that the person could not grow within the company. Of course, this is openly discussed and evaluated with the current employer. There goes the investment from both sides…   

The new phase in your career  

When you have the feeling that your career is not where it should be, you have to stop and change your plan. Not your goal, but your plan. In case you can identify your motivation with Lionel Messi or Michael Jordan – don’t be shy – take action, acknowledge that you need a different route to get you to the top of your ability.   

Are you prepared and qualified for your next transfer towards the champions league of the industry?  

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