Lucas Bols

BolsBols is the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand, dating back to 1575, when the Bols family opened a small distillery in Amsterdam. Since then, we have mastered the selection of the right ingredients and our expertise and curiosity has led to the creation of hundreds of delicious products. The original recipes are passed on from master distiller to master distiller and updated to suit contemporary tastes.

More than four centuries of craftsmanship, passion and experience join each other perfectly in the products of Bols; from the world’s best-selling genevers to the range of 38 quality liqueurs that are available in more than one hundred countries. From flavour innovations such as Bols Foam and Bols Natural Yoghurt, to all-time classics like Bols Genever and Bols Blue.

Bols works in close collaboration with professional bartenders from all over the world to develop new products, create new flavours and adapt old recipes, in-line with the cocktail trends of today. The result is a range of products with all of the essential flavours and tools that are vital for bartenders, and for mixing at home.

Lucas Bols has the number one position in liqueur ranges worldwide (excluding the US) and is the world’s largest player in the genever segment. Many of our other products have market or category-leading positions.

2014 saw the reopening in the centre of Amsterdam of the Lucas Bols Distillery, which produces the essential flavour distillates for the various Bols genevers, Bols liqueurs, Damrak Gin and other brands. The Lucas Bols Distillery is a modern yet authentic distillery, where the craftsmanship of extracting flavours from natural ingredients through distillation, percolation and maceration is still practised as it has been for the last four centuries.