The CourtesyMasters Team is all about excellent hospitality recruitment services.

“We attract, search, know, study, understand, recruit, analyze, select, engage, coach, train, develop, manage, support, represent, follow… we love, inspire & deliver talent!”

Mrs. Larissa Zwart

Managing Partner (Headhunter in Hospitality)

Mr. Daan Niehof


Mrs. Jaimy Knoester

Social Media Manager

Mrs. Shohan Shah

Marketing Strategy

Mr. Stanislas Gasnot

Sourcing Partner

Mr. Daan Niehof


Mr. Aad Wolsink

Senior Partner, Personal Coach & Boardroom Coach

Mr. Fons Bitter

Hospitality Consul & Co-founding father

Mr. Joris Eyck


Mr. Jonathan Higgins †

Head of Security

Mr. Emile Termote


Mr. Wouter Verkerk

Sourcing Partner, Ambassador & Advisory Board