The CourtesyMasters Team is all about excellent hospitality recruitment services.

“We attract, search, know, study, understand, recruit, analyze, select, engage, coach, train, develop, manage, support, represent, follow… we love, inspire & deliver talent!”

Mrs. Larissa Zwart

Headhunter, Managing Partner (Director)

Mrs. Jaimy Knoester

Marketing Officer

Mrs. Shohan Shah

Marketing Strategy

Mr. Aad Wolsink

Senior Partner, Personal Coach & Boardroom Coach

Mr. Fons Bitter

Hospitality Consul & Co-founding father

Mr. Joris Eyck

Sourcing Partner & Ambassador

Mr. Jonathan Higgins †

Head of Security

Mr. Emile Termote

Sourcing Partner & Ambassador

Mr. Wouter Verkerk

Sourcing Partner, Ambassador & Advisory Board