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Ofcourse, employers invest in both their managers and employees through career management and development systems. These programs offer counseling, planning and workshops to help employees manage their careers.


In our point of view, today’s world is changing all the time and also regarding to career management this means an individual executive, manager or employee should take this in its own hands. Take the lead in your own hospitality Sales & Marketing career management.

Continuous process

Career management is a continuous process that occurs throughout one’s career and not just at discrete times. It is very important for personal development but it ensures also others know about you and your value. It may be helpful to think of career management as a philosophy and set of habits that will enable you to achieve career goals and develop career resiliency.

Successful career management is accomplished through regular habits of building relationships, engaging in career development conversations, updating your career development plan, and setting new goals as life and career needs change. Being proficient at career management also means possessing basic skills related to job searching and managing changes in a resilient manner.

You want and should regularly update your skills and retrain yourself to ensure competency regularly.

Sales & Marketing Careers

Career development planning is a process designed to help you to:

  • Think through your job/career goals
  • Arrange professional support from hospitality Sales & Marketing Careers professionals
  • Focus on developing knowledge and skills for your current position and for future job opportunities by planning personal development & growth
  • Think about how to better utilize your strengths, talents, experience, and passion in your work
  • Write up your own career development plan and get assistance
  • Evaluate & discuss your development goals with your personal career manager

We often carry these thoughts around in our heads for months, years, or decades without ever writing them down. If we do write down our goals, they often take the form of a list and many times we lose momentum after writing our goals down, misplace the list, and accomplish only some of our goals. It is far more effective and productive to think of career planning as a process that allows us to visualize our future careers and then provides us a roadmap to follow in realizing our dreams. Career planning is not something that happens once or twice in one’s career; rather, it is a continual process of assessing one’s career identity, setting new learning goals, creating new career visions, and celebrating accomplishments as one develops and becomes more skilled.

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