We make meaningful,
hospitable connections
that last.

We aspire to become the most respected boutique headhunting, executive search, management recruitment, talent acquisition and career management firm in the hospitality industries. Our values are rooted in the belief that treating others the way they want to be treated is the foundation of success. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity, distinguishing us as a trusted partner for clients and candidates alike. We are pioneers, guiding clients with human capital challenges and true hospitality professionals with career challenges.

raison d'etre


In 1999, CourtesyMasters was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands as a revolutionary hospitality recruitment agency. Founded by the visionary Mr. Fons Bitter, our mission from the outset has been to provide exceptional permanent and interim hotel management solutions, as well as career management services, to employers and professionals in the hospitality industry.

Fons, an experienced hotelier himself, recognized the need for an agency that truly understands the unique challenges and demands of the industry. In 2004, we were fortunate to have the ambitious and talented Larissa Zwart join our team. With her diverse international background and passion for hospitality, Larissa quickly became an invaluable asset to CourtesyMasters. By 2007, she took on the role of owner and director, propelling us to new heights of success.

Under Larissa's leadership, we evolved and adapted to the changing recruitment landscape. We developed unique headhunting and recruiting services that offer innovative, permanent and interim solutions to our clients. Expanding beyond hospitality recruitment, we transformed into a full-service talent acquisition and career management agency.

Today, CourtesyMasters is powered by a network of independent entrepreneurs who share our deep love for hospitality and talent management. This vibrant community is the driving force behind our continued success, as we collaborate to deliver exceptional service and solutions to employers and professionals in the hospitality industry.

With our roots firmly established in The Netherlands, we have grown into a global leader in acquisition & engagement, as well as career management. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, combined with our innovative approach to recruitment and career management, has solidified CourtesyMasters' position as a trusted partner for hospitality professionals and employers alike.


At CourtesyMasters, we take pride in our ability to bring together two demanding groups of individuals: clients with exacting standards and candidates who know their worth. We see ourselves not merely as translators or guides but as creators of strong bonds between these parties.

As a mature player in the industry, we prioritize authenticity above all else. We understand that behind every client is a real person, and we aim to connect with them on a deeper, personal level, inviting and allowing them to truly be themselves.

We recognize that finding a new job is often a life-changing event, which is why we approach our work with a sense of urgency and make ourselves available to candidates around the clock. Leveraging our proprietary tools, we measure each candidate's aspirations and determine what truly makes them happy.

Ultimately, our mission is to make meaningful connections that last a lifetime. We accomplish this by finding candidates the positions they love and fostering mutually beneficial, hospitable relationships between them and our clients.


CourtesyMasters plays a crucial role in our society by connecting talented individuals with fulfilling career opportunities in the hospitality industry. By identifying the unique strengths and qualities of each candidate, we ensure they are placed in roles where they can thrive and make a meaningful impact.

In turn, this fosters a strong and vibrant hospitality industry—one that provides exceptional service to guests and visitors, supports the local economy by creating jobs and generates revenue. CourtesyMasters embodies values of respect, a commitment to excellence and integrity, and aims to serve as a model for treating others with care and compassion in our daily lives.

We strive to build a stronger, more compassionate society for all by valuing long-term personal connections and taking ownership of both our successes and missteps.

Raison d'Etre

CourtesyMasters sets itself apart from competitors in the hospitality recruitment industry with a bold brand purpose. We understand that true success is not merely about finding competent candidates with the right credentials. It is about building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect, both with our clients and candidates.

As the first hospitality recruitment agency in the Netherlands, we possess a deep understanding of the local hospitality industry's nuances. Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, and we embrace unconventional and creative approaches to achieve our goals while maintaining our independence and dedication to the success of our clients and candidates.

We foster an environment where professionals can connect and share ideas, while strictly upholding embargoes on information to protect the privacy and interests of our clients and candidates. We recognize that paying attention to detail and offering personalized attention often sets us apart from other recruitment agencies. Thus, we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients and candidates. In essence, we are more than a recruitment company; we are a team of hospitality professionals united by passion for excellence and commitment to innovation.

Our team

Meet team CourtesyMasters, at your service.

Larissa Zwart
Managing Partner (CEO, owner)
Daan Niehof
Senior Sourcing Partner
Stanislas Gasnot
Sourcing Partner
Aad Wolsink
Senior Partner, Personal & Business Coach
Jean-Michel Sigére
Private Staffing Partner Côte d'Azur
Cynthia Noben
Michelle Matse
Senior Partner, Head of Marketing
Anniek Fleur Swanenberg
Partner, Content Manager
Jaimy Knoester
Personal Assistant
Wouter Verkerk
Ambassador & Advisory Board
Shohan Shah
Fons Bitter

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Our key values

count on our discretion at all times

Privacy first. We guarantee the outmost confidentiality. Discretion built on our ethics, straightforwardness and multi-dimensionality, without exception. Courteous and Masterful excellence is our way to meet, connect and engage. We focus at the human behind the candidate, the client, the colleague, the businesspartner and the supplier: all stakeholders. At CourtesyMasters, we uphold a set of key and brand values that define our approach and differentiate us:







Trusted by


Integrity, honesty, and always looking for the perfect match. Confidence in the candidates and always open for a good conversation.
General Manager, Hotel Chain, The Netherlands
Working with CourtesyMasters is a true long term partnership. They fully understand your company, need, culture and always go the extra mile to find the right candidate. Thanks for all you do!
CCO, Hotel Chain, USA
The approach of CourtesyMasters is refreshing. Solid. Discreet while transparent. It suits our values and we assure thorough processes in a competitive environment. We reach professionals and talent we normally would not attract.
Managing Director, Investment Management
It's rather simple and complex at the same time. CourtesyMasters delivers. Direct communication. Promise=promise. Long-term.
Director of Human Resources, Hotel Group
As we own a wonderful Michelin star Restaurant, also our Human Resources Management is key. With CourtesyMasters, we found a partner that is our businesspartner at all times, as together we develop and manage talent. Personally and business wise.
Executive Chef, Restaurant (Michelin*)

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