Competence Analysis & Development

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Competence Analysis & Development

Competence Analysis & Development

CourtesyMasters and Jung Institute developed several tools that measure authentic competences, adapted behaviour and competence development potential.


The Compentence Analysis & Development Tool (CADT) is however a tool. Without professional guidance, it is of no value to assess talent.

Talent Management

CourtesyMasters is your partner in talent management, for example regarding to:

  • Talent Analysis
  • Talent Assessment
  • Talent Coaching
  • Talent Development
  • Talent Due Diligence
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Second Opinion

In short, as human capital is key in any organization, talent management is key as well. This applies to new employees and existing employees. Of course also to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).


We guarantee results, we guarantee solutions.



Larissa Zwart

Managing Partner (CEO, owner)

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Integrity, honesty, and always looking for the perfect match. Confidence in the candidates and always open for a good conversation.
General Manager, Hotel Chain, The Netherlands
Working with CourtesyMasters is a true long term partnership. They fully understand your company, need, culture and always go the extra mile to find the right candidate. Thanks for all you do!
CCO, Hotel Chain, USA
The approach of CourtesyMasters is refreshing. Solid. Discreet while transparent. It suits our values and we assure thorough processes in a competitive environment. We reach professionals and talent we normally would not attract.
Managing Director, Investment Management
It's rather simple and complex at the same time. CourtesyMasters delivers. Direct communication. Promise=promise. Long-term.
Director of Human Resources, Hotel Group
As we own a wonderful Michelin star Restaurant, also our Human Resources Management is key. With CourtesyMasters, we found a partner that is our businesspartner at all times, as together we develop and manage talent. Personally and business wise.
Executive Chef, Restaurant (Michelin*)

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