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How Code Ventidue adds value to your hospitality business

At CourtesyMasters, our team welcomes many hospitality candidates each day. From the more serious and thoughtful ones to the most colourfulinspirational and bright people. Once in a while, we are overwhelmed. 

Overwhelmed by the peculiar energy the candidate brings with him. This can be felt either in a face to face interview but even through the phone. A flair of uniqueness, authenticity, and ambition poured in their character in a balanced way.   

Invisible clue   

Through the meetings with these candidates, my mind transformed into an encyclopedy of human behaviour. How do I know that the candidate is peculiar? Most probably the person provided an invisible clue which accessed information in my memory to recognise this type of talent. Call it intuition or fingerspitzengefühl.   

During such meetings, we discuss his preferences and wishes for the next step in his career. As we finish and while we kindly say goodbye and I close the front door: Jump of joy! We got him!  

The alarm in the office goes off: We have a Code Ventidue! 

Code Ventidue?! What is this? 

He is unlike other candidates. He is self-reflective on both his successes and his failures. A way to describe him:  

–    He has a personal story; he makes you curious to listen about how made choices in his life. 

–    He is intrinsically motivated to get somewhere and personally creates the opportunities to get there.   

–    His mind is focused on personal growth which clearly shows the conscious choices that reflect on his resume. 

–    He points the responsibility towards himself instead of the circumstances whereby he flourishes. Without being a job hopper! 

Moreover, the best thing is, he doesn’t tell this out loud. You have to grasp it.  

Unable to copy authenticity 

As the word is so often used, believe authenticity lost value and needs explanation. An authentic person puts the people around him at ease. They are not looking to be liked purposely but accomplish goodwill from their environment. As such, the hospitality team members trust him, and he takes the lead!  

They will tell exactly what they are capable of doing to represent a change and improvement in your business. By the way, he actively communicates with the other team members and earns their support. Together they can transform and make positive changes.  

Go for a Code Ventidue 

Such candidates are not only a valuable asset for your business but also a treasure lot to the rest of your hospitality team members! Rarely found. However, when you spot them, make sure you get them!  

*In this article ”he” is mentioned, but of course ‘’he’’ could also be she or X. 

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